Who Is PIAC?

Our mission is to ensure the public interest always has robust legal representation.

We recognize that public interest legal representation must be made more accessible and affordable. Our mission consists of three components:

1. Advocate

Advocate on behalf of the public interest – on a diverse range of matters – that might otherwise go unrepresented;

2. Advise

Advise and assist community groups pursuing social or environmental justice; and

3. Educate

Educate law students and attorneys in public interest advocacy and how to make such advocacy part of a fulfilling and viable legal career.

Our “Public Interests” Include But Are Not Limited To:


Representation of disadvantaged or displaced populations regarding access to shelter, food, health care, and basic human necessities.


Representation of the public interest in a sustainable and healthy urban environment.


Representation of the public’s interest in affordable housing, nutrition, health care, and recreation.


Representation of the public’s interest in fair employment practices.

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Our Team

William A. Adams

J.D. 1986 and LL.M. Tax 1988 from the University of San Diego School of Law; Admitted to practice in California, United States District Court (Southern, Central, and Eastern Districts), and United States Tax Court.

Bill Adams is a partner in the San Diego law firm of Norton, Moore, & Adams, LLP. He has been involved with land use and urban renewal for nearly 25 years, both as a professional and as a personal passion. He also has a robust labor law practice, representing both businesses and employees, the latter with a focus on unpaid or under-paid interns.

His public interest passion pertains to public rights to access, preservation, and humane physical environments.

Robert T. Bryson II

Robert graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2010 earned his J.D. in 2014 and his LLM in 2017 from the University of San Diego, School of Law. He is admitted to practice in California, New York, and New Jersey.

Robert’s practice varies from representing clients before utilities, labor issues, writ of mandate actions, civil rights, personal injury, contract violation, corporate governance, environmental, and municipal rights. Robert also provides legal advice and assistance to nonprofits including community groups, advocacy groups, and environmental organizations. His various activities are connected by one central theme – fighting injustice.

Ridgeway Woulfe

Ridgeway Woulfe

Since Ridgeway began his legal studies, he has fought to be an obstructionist to the powerful seeking to abuse others using that power. While in law school, he worked with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless to help reach a class action settlement with the City of Chicago for its Fourth Amendment violations against the homeless, as well as assisting families transitions with Chicago Public School’s historic simultaneous closure of more than 50 low-income schools. From there, he worked for the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights to help investigate civil rights violations and develop criterion for allowable single-sex classes. Following this internship, he worked with Triage Cancer to help create legislation to allow low-income families to have access to cancer medications which would have been thrown away after they were provided to cancer patients who no longer needed the medications. Before graduating from Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, Ridgeway spent a summer interning with the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program’s education department in order to ensure schools met the special needs of their foster students.

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After graduating, Ridgeway moved to California to begin his career as an attorney. Initially, he worked under experienced attorneys in a wide range of areas to develop skills he would use to ensure people’s rights are enforced. Since that time, he has focused his practice primarily into two areas—employment law and public interest law. Within the employment field, he has concentrated in representing individuals done wrong by their employers, attaining hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements to help their recovery. His work in public interest law takes place in two organizations—PIAC and Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance (MOGO), an organization committed to holding the government accountable to its people.

Ridgeway has been committed to PIAC because he knows so many attorneys want to help the public good but are unsure of how to accomplish that without sacrificing their careers. He sees PIAC as the perfect opportunity for attorneys young and old to work with others who want to help the public to find the best avenues for them to do so.

David Crumpton

David Crumpton is a graduate from the University of San Diego School of Law who concentrated in Public Interest. He has been a part of the PIAC since 2015 and primarily develops and promotes the MCLE educational programs our organization holds to help inform the legal community about public interest topics.

Dennis J. Stryker

Dennis is a partner with Stryker Slev Law Group, a law firm initially created by two lawyers with over twenty years of experience. They used the lessons learned from practice within business organizations to provide practical solutions to questions involving business, construction, real estate and commercial transactions, litigation, employment and labor, and professional liability issues. Dennis acted as a risk manager for years and uses that experience to assist enterprises with risk review and solutions, devise policies and trainings, and guide clients through serious events. In his spare time, Dennis is an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego. He also serves on the boards of San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, California Minority Counsel Program, and on the Advisory Board to Corporate Pro Bono.org. Dennis has decades of experience running a business, volunteering his time, and serving the San Diego community.